Some Of The Common Podiatry Complaints Which Can Cause Foot Pain

Foot pain is a very common problem in one out of 10 people today. Foot pain is not just experienced by runners, but also by normal people who have a daily normal routine. People take issues like foot pain, leg pain, and back pain very lightly, because they think that it will go away with time.

A word of advice here, never take these pains lightly. There are many issues which can simply deteriorate over time, instead of healing. This is the way of your body telling you, there is something wrong, and it should be attended to immediately.

Podiatrist in Melbourne specialises in issues with foot, ankle and the leg. According to them a normal foot pain and suggest many minor as well as major problems with your feet and ankle. Some of the common foot conditions which are related to foot pains and mentioned below for your knowledge:-

• Hammer Toes
• Burning Feet
• Broken or Fractured Toes
• Athletes Foot
• Foot Blisters
• Corns and Calluses
• Mortons Neuroma
• Mallet Toes
• Ingrown Toe Nails

There are many more things, which are not added in this list. One of the most common and ignored podiatry complaints which are caused by foot pain is heel spurs. A heel spur is when the tissue which connects the ball of the foot and the heel is expanded and the lining which covers the heel bone is stressed repeatedly. Some of the basic symptoms of heel spurs are:-

1. Obesity
2. Ill fitting or over worn shoes
3. High impact exercise

People who suffer from heel spurs experience foot pain, but according to the recent research, it was discovered that most people suffering from heel spurs do not even experience major pain. As mentioned earlier any foot, ankle or leg pain should never be ignored. If you are experiencing foot pain because of heel spurs, it is recommended for you to consult a podiatrist. A podiatrist can provide you some exercises, which can help you with your condition.

Foot pain can be a reason for numerous problems. Make sure you get a complete check up or an x-ray to get the clear reason of your pains.
Exercise with heel spurs –

Even though you have heel spurs, you can still do exercise to keep yourself healthy and fit. Any normal exercise which do not stress too much on your feet is safe when you have heel spurs. Cardio or aerobics do not out extra stress on your feet and is the best way to be fit.

Physical and Mental Health Improvement


This is an exercise method developed by Joseph, over the course of his lifetime which he dedicated to improving physical and mental health. It exercises the whole body through a range of mat and equipment based exercises, re-balancing muscle use throughout the whole muscular-skeletal system.

The practices build the body’s core strength and improve the posture by dint of a series of low repetition, low-impact stretching plus conditioning exercises, which build up muscles without adding bulk.

This fitness regime works by engaging both body and the mind to achieve the greatest benefit of the movements.

There’s a machine for this. It incorporates a simple frame, a movable carriage, springs, a foot bar and adjustable straps for both hands & feet, he designed the machine to work for virtually every part of the body.

Athletes are also getting the benefits, too. Often, you will hear of professional athletes doing Pilates in Subiaco to boost their performance.

Comparison with yoga

In yoga, each inhalation begins with the abdomen, then moves into the thoracic region, and finally to the clavicular region. All this while, the muscles which surround the lungs are working actively, and during exhalation the muscles are passive.

The breath in process of pilates also termed as Lateral. It is little bit different in technique in which respiration is done in yoga. The method of breathing varies, but the purpose is one. In both processes the breath dictates the movement. In this process, the main effort is usually done on the exhale by pulling the navel into the spine. This is built upon the original teachings of Joseph and effective physical exercise prescription. Each exercise is crafted to make efficient use of time by working the deep postural muscles of the body, thus, generating power from the inside-out and re-balancing the muscles.

This training targets the very roots of bad position by modulating the less-used muscles in the belly, chest, complete back, when comprising a deep and slow breathing process in order to boost the body.


One awesome thing about this is that just about everyone can perform it. Because this method has received good amount of attention lately, classes are readily available.

The fact that it is hot and studios offering classes are coming up everywhere has a disadvantage and that is inadequate instruction. As with any form of exercise, it is very possible to accidentally injure yourself if you have a health problem or don’t know the moves properly.


If you have been attending regular classes for some time, you will no doubt be familiar with the fundamental principles and will have mastered the basic techniques. You will also, by now, feel many benefits of this exercise regime.
Participants are confident enough to work in order to achieve their goal or level.

Ancient Form of Medicine with Advancements


For resolving and reducing the problems that are related to tension, stress and emotional conditions in the people acupuncture is used widely. It can be effective than any other treatments used in resolving many medical and surgical disorders. A wide range of medical problems like digestive, respiratory, neurological and muscular disorders can be treated using the acupuncture process and this was also recognized by the world health organization. The process of Acupuncture is an ancient medical art that can have many approaches to learning and practice. Medical acupuncture can be performed by the qualified doctor who was trained and licensed in medicine and also had trained in acupuncture as a specialty practice.
The doctors who are qualified and also trained in acupuncture can use both the methods in medicine to treat their patients based on the diagnosis. Not all the patients are prescribed with the same treatment. It can differ from person to person based on their health condition and body features as some people can respond quickly whereas some other cannot. Based on the problem of the patient the treatment can last for days and months and even years sometimes. Acupuncture for infertility is one such problem which needs to have continuous treatment until they can find the result. For small problems like muscle pains and digestive disorders, they need to have minimum visits and can be cured soon.
Acupuncture needling is different and people can experience based on their health condition. Most of the patients can feel less pain when the needles are inserted and some cannot feel any pain. When the needle is placed in the correct position the patient cannot feel much pain. These needles are very thin and are made up of stainless steel. The needlepoint is so smoothing that can be like cutting edges and inserting them into the body cannot be so painful like injections or blood sampling. People cannot get any type of allergies by using these needles. There are some situations like people due to failures in the fertility and reproduction centers are approaching acupuncture for infertility. For acupuncture treatments, it is best to approach the practitioners from Baolin Natural Healthcare Centre since they specialize in this kind of treatments. 
The method of acupuncture is more effective than any other methods of medicine and so people prefer to choose this as the option after leaving their hope in the fertility centers. So many couples are choosing this Chinese medicine of acupuncture as their option to get pregnant. The acupuncture specialist detects the points for treatment based on the problem described by the patient. Acupressure is the procedure in acupuncture that can be treated without using the acupuncture needles for the treatment. Most of the people are suffering from infertility problems these days due to stress and tensions and they are approaching various fertility centers for treatments. But, unfortunately, there are only a few cases in which they succeed in getting pregnant. So the doctors who provide treatment in those fertility centers are suggesting their patients to have acupuncture treatment for fertility as the last hope. Many positive cases have been recognized after having treatment in acupuncture.